Andros Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Super Generics (Topical)

The super generics of Andros Pharma have been through improved formulation design and produced under strict quality control. These advantages make our products more competitive in the market.
LALP Cream
LALP Cream is an eutectic mixture of 2.5% Lidocaine and 2.5% Prilocaine, formulated as an oil-in-water emulsion, and is used widely in dermal analgesic applications such as intravenous catheter placement and venipuncture. LALP Cream is manufactured via a proprietary process with a strict quality control over raw materials. LALP Cream received TFDA license (no. 058568) and is currently on market.
iMinos Solution
iMinos Solution (available in 2% and 5%) is indicated for Alopecia Androgenetica (baldness). The product highlights low irritation and high skin permeation. iMinos Solution 2% and 5% received TFDA license (no. 059889, 059890) and is currently on market.